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As part of the Master Sommelier exam, each student is confronted with four to six wines and has 30 minutes to identify the vintage, grape variety(s), country, region and appellation.

But we are not Master Sommeliers, and more than likely, neither are most of you. Thank goodness for Vine To Wines. As long-time wine drinkers, we really are just that….wine drinkers. It’s always been fascinating to hear winemakers, tasting room teams, and sommeliers talk about their wine experience. Maybe we could teach ourselves some of those tasting tips, while also sharing our research and practices with you.

We’re going to do our best to simplify what can be a very complex process into something a weekend wine drinker can relate to. We hope to help uncork the many stigmas surrounding the tasting of wines.

If you are new to wines, this blog series will be great to get you started.  If you already love drinking wine (like us) and simply want to understand the more complex nuances, we’ll have something for you as well.

The goal is simple, for all of us to become much better tasters and to determine our own wine preferences.

We’re really excited to start The Art of Tasting Wine series. We can’t wait to dive in and we hope you’ll enjoy us sharing what we learn with all of you.

Follow along and join us on this educational journey as we all have fun “taking life one sip at a time.”


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