Amazon Inc. announced recently (August 30, 2017) that its Prime Now delivery service will include wine, beer, and booze to its product offerings for superfast delivery. The company adds hundreds of alcohol-related products to its inventory from popular name brands as well as local favorites.

“We are excited to continue expanding our product offerings and we know customers will love getting wine and beer delivered right to their door in one hour or less,” said Stephenie Landry, vice president of Prime Now worldwide. “Whether you run out of wine at your dinner party or need more chilled champagne for mimosas at a family brunch, Prime Now can save customers time with superfast delivery so they can skip a trip to the store.

Customers in Prime Now eligible neighborhoods can use the one and two-hour delivery service to order select wine, beer, and spirits along with tens of thousands of other daily essentials.

While Amazon’s free two-hour Prime alcohol delivery actually launched in 2015, it was available only in Seattle. (There’s also an option to do one-hour delivery for $7.99.) Over the past two years, the service has been extended to more major cities including:

  • Cincinnati
  • Chicago
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • New York City (just Manhattan)
  • Phoenix
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle

*The cities listed for alcohol delivery are a subset of full Prime Now locations.

If you’re looking to use this heaven-sent service, Vine To Wines recommends downloading the Prime Now app. The app features only products available for one- or two-hour delivery, so you can skip the hassle of fumbling through Amazon looking for wines that are eligible for speedy delivery.

If no alcohol shows up, then you aren’t in a zip code eligible for free booze delivery. Not yet in a Prime Now service area? Go to the app or on Prime Now and request to be notified when the service becomes available in your area.

Now that is “taking life one sip at a time.”



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