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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting Vine To Wines. We hope you find this site entertaining, fun, and maybe a little informational.

My name is Jason and I live in Southern California with my wife, our two teenage children, and our kitty Maui. Like all of you, I am many things. A son, brother, husband, father, professional, entrepreneur, marketer, writer, graphic designer, food lover, a forty somethinger, and more. But my real passion is wine!

I discovered my love of wine more than 20 years ago after my first visit to California’s Central Coast wine region of Paso Robles. I knew nothing about wine, really, but I was instantly hooked. At the time, drinking wine when you were in your young twenties was not as hip as it is today. I really enjoyed the small town feel of Paso Robles. Meeting the winery owners and winemakers, while learning about their passion for wine.  Their knowledge helped to develop my own palate and passion.

My goal with Vine To Wines is to continue to give a voice to those small growers, those mom and pop makers and share their passion that I too have come to enjoy. We won’t shy away from big industry names either. We will simplify the wine world so that you, our readers and friends, can pick wines you’ll enjoy, learn about new wines, and read other wine industry news and views. Most important, we’re all going to have a lot of fun and a lot of wine in the process.

Thank you and hope you will visit us again soon.


Founder and Wine Host
“Taking life one sip at a time.”

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